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I am a classically trained artist, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Masters in Art Therapy. The fiber arts became my art medium of choice in 1997, but my ability to really express myself changed in 2007 with purchasing a longarm sewing machine. For many years I was a custom longarm quilter for hire, but as my style became distinctive, I began teaching quilting to others and writing books to support my classes. Teaching others to follow their own creative journey through quilting and expressing myself through my show quilts is where my heart truly lies. Please join me on my journey here, or connect with me to come and share with you in person.

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Meadow Walk, stumble, learn, walk some more

Meadow Walk, stumble, learn, walk some more


This jacket has been almost 18 months in the making. I started out great…with a wonderful plan of a Queen Ann’s Lace border treatment adorning this AMAZING fit and flair pink tweed spring jacket with eastern bluebirds winging in. I started by using the same approach that had worked for me with my octopus jacket…loading […]

Being Detail Oriented…is a bad thing?

Being Detail Oriented…is a bad thing?


Well. No. Of course not. But it does contribute nastily to my squirrel syndrome. When I first put tiny swag trim on my show quilt Gilding the Arbor back in 2012 I had no idea I was standing on the edge of a rabbit hole. My next show quilt, Shell Collector had the first version […]

One Ruler to Rule them All?

One Ruler to Rule them All?

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Well, no, not hardly…but I’m a terrible Lord of the Rings nut…so there you go.  If you don’t know already….I MADE A THING.  I am pretty surprised at myself actually, deciding to make my own line of rulers. But, several things have pushed me into it.  I am actually a pretty low maintenance quilter.  That […]

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