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I am a classically trained artist, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Masters in Art Therapy. The fiber arts became my art medium of choice in 1997, but my ability to really express myself changed in 2007 with purchasing a longarm sewing machine. Today, I am busy teaching, creating the Garden Lines Ruler Collection, show quilting, and writing quilting books. Teaching others to follow their own creative journey through quilting and expressing myself through my show quilts is where my heart truly lies. Please join me on my journey here, or connect with me to come and share with you in person.

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Adjustable side face mask

I am working with my local hospital network that serves the 800,000 people living in my valley and beyond to galvanize the sewing community to make cloth face masks that they plan to use to cover their limited supply of N95 masks. I am in contact with the director of supply chain to drop “loads” […]

How Yarn Couching is like Having Babies

How Yarn Couching is like Having Babies

Well, really just the un-fun labor part. Not the making babies part. Which is a drag. Im so excited to FINALLY make my yarn couching DVD and On-Line class available to everyone! You can order a pre-sale of the DVD here (shipping in about 3 weeks, upon it’s arrival on my doorstep from the manufacturer) […]

Art + Coat = Fashion?

Art + Coat = Fashion?

I think I may have crossed some dark and terrible line lately. I’m totally consumed with making yarn couching jackets. I have made 6 or 7 and I have LITERALLY 12 or more “blank” coats on a rack waiting for the right combination of inspiration and time. I do enjoy wearing them, but it is […]

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