Art Therapy Thursdays

Hi Everyone…this is a stressful time and that calls for some artsy de-stressing. On Facebook, Im doing some live videos on Thursdays at 1PM EST using art. Any sort of art. I am going to imbed them here on this blog weekly if you enjoy that sort of thing! Love to all!


Thursday, May 14: Aspen hillside

Thursday, May 7: Silhouettes at dusk

Thursday, April 30: Light in the Forest (and a unicorn)

Thursday, April 23: Bonsai and Sakura blossoms

Thursday, April 16: Watercolor Tiny Oregon Coasts

Thursday, April 9: Watercolor Lavender and Bees

you’ll want to skip the first 5 minutes of this one as I act like a crazy person who has no idea how to use FB live properly. LOL!!