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I am pleased to partner with to bring you quilting retreat classes to the comfort of your own home. It is true that sometimes we don’t want to have to have another online password or sign in someplace, but I’m convinced that this is the absolute most professional and high quality experience for my students. All of my classes are filmed by professional film crews with top of the line lighting and multiple view camera equipment, professionally edited for lighting, color, and sound. At no point will you feel like I was just winging it with a go pro :). Hosting a digital class on my own website simply became an amateur (me) trying to code a complex program…which was going to be a sub-par experience for my students. Teachable is a well established platform with amazing tech support and endless bandwidth….so you will never ever be subjected to me making a coding mistake! Click the link and you will be taken to my Teachable school, where you can create an account, sign in, or purchase your class. There are easy links to bring you back to my website at any time!

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All The Devilish Details: The Art of Fine Finishing Touches $79

Sometimes the final finishing touch is all that separates a show quilt and a award winning show quilt! Learn my international award winning techniques, finishing 15-20 samples and following along with 33 pages of printable handouts in this 3:15 retreat length class. If you own my original book, The Devil is in the Details, you will find this DVD and it’s print material to include about half of that book content and half all new and more advanced details, all with the benefit of live sewing.

  • Chapter 1: Beaded Piping, on classic, knife edge, and curved quilts
  • Chapter 2: Flange Variations including simple, tiny swag flange, embellished, and ruffled
  • Chapter 3: Knife Edge Variations like large beaded edge, 4 styles of prairie points, scalloped tongue edge, and several styles of covered cording
  • Chapter 4: Split binding with gradation scalloped beads and single accents
  • Chapter 5: Tiny beaded appliqué

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