Online Learning with Digital Classes and DVDs

I am pleased to partner with to bring you quilting retreat classes to the comfort of your own home. It is true that sometimes we don’t want to have to have another online password or sign in someplace, but I’m convinced that this is the absolute most professional and high quality experience for my students. Click the link and you will be taken to my Teachable school, where you can create an account, sign in, or purchase your class. There are easy links to bring you back to my website at any time!

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Yarn Couching: Free Motion to Fine Art $49

Learn to expressively use yarn in your free motion machine quilting, create intermediate life-like appliqué style designs, and graduate to pictorial yarn couching, applying your designs to quilts, Home decor, accessories and clothing. Learn to layer, shade, and contour your yarn couching, transforming your own photography into fiber art masterpieces. Two class projects are fully demonstrated on both a home sewing machine and a longarm machine, making this 3 hour, 17 minute class perfect for all sewers.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction and Materials (00:10)
  • Chapter 2: Getting Started with Successful Stitching (00:40)
  • Chapter 3: Pictorial Yarn Couching (01:27)
  • Chapter 4: Live sewing of the “Meadow Tweet” Class Project from start to finish (00:57)
  • PDF downloads of additional written class materials and four patterns
Apply the Meadow Tweet bluebird and daisy to quilts, wearable art, purses, and more!

The Devil is in the Details: Fine Finishing Touches $79

Sometimes the final finishing touch is all that separates a show quilt and a award winning show quilt! Learn my international award winning techniques, finishing 15-20 samples and following along with 33 pages of printable handouts in this 3:15 retreat length class. If you own my original book, The Devil is in the Details, you will find this DVD and it’s print material to include about half of that book content and half all new and more advanced details, all with the benefit of live sewing.

  • Chapter 1: Beaded Piping, including simple beaded piping with abutted edges, applying beaded piping to curves and scallops, and keeping the piping continuous (00:40)
  • Chapter 2: Flanges, including simple flanges, tiny swag flange, embellished swag variations, and ruffled flange (00:20)
  • Chapter 3: Knife Edge Variations, including large beaded edge, simple prairie points, seamless cathedral prairie points, dots and dashes prairie points, scalloped tongue edge with piping, covered cording, and facing tape cording units (01:35)
  • Chapter 4: Split Binding, including gradation bead scalloped edge, machine applied split binding with cording, and single accent beads (00:25)
  • Chapter 5 Tiny Beaded Appliqué, including final project suggestion and sample (00:11)
Explore fine finishing touches today!

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New! Facebook Live 24 hour class

Breaking Boundaries with Blended Quilts is an exciting permanent-access class with a pre-recorded 3 hour improvisational quilting retreat, 16 hours of live 1:1 instruction and 5 or more hours of planned live question and answer sessions.

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