Quilted Texture Mini Lessons

Quilted Texture from A to Zen is one of my most popular books.  It has 132 unique background textures inspired by the physical world.  It is always important to separate what inspired the texture from the finished quilt.  Sushi isn’t very practical a quilt motif…but as a modern texture it hits all the high marks.  It has several circles (of seaweed), on a grid, filled with interesting mysterious texture.  Many designs are perfect for the modern movement, they have a regular geometry, with some movement, and sometimes unexpected variations.  These mini lessons are from textures NOT in the book..with only a few exceptions.  These are BONUS lessons!

Week 1: A is for Apple Slices (you know, when cross cut).  This design is done freehand, without marking.  Make a double circle, then the internal seeds, with the first seed only being half made.  Once all the other seeds are done, finish the first one to escape.

Week 2: B is for Boiling.  Inspired by boiling water.  With chalk or air erase pen, make gently waving lines vertically.  Quilt chains of pearls that gradate from big to small and back again.  These mimic the strange threads of bubbles in clear gently boiling water.  A perfect modern filler.

C is for Clover.  Inspired by our favorite lucky plant!  A true free motion meander design…and one you should add the surprise of mostly classic 3 leaf clover with a few 4 leaf to keep folks guessing!