Garden Lines Ruler Videos

Please enjoy these video tips on using various rulers in the Garden Lines collection

Some basic tips on using the Lily Lines French Curve rulers:

Advanced design blocks using the Lily Lines French Curve with a wee appearance by one of my 1/8″ precision marked stitch in the ditch rulers…a spectacular mandala…made with 4 registration lines and some polka dots, for direct application quilting with this 1/4″ thick acrylic quilting ruler.

You may have noticed several pinholes in the acrylic of Lily Lines.  These are design tools too.  They are a faster visual reference than the precision alignment lines.  In this video I demonstrate four design prompts using various pinholes and several kinds of designs to get your imagination flowing.  It is always a bit like playing with a spirograph….you should definitely draw out your design once before committing it to fabric!


Enough with the paper!!  Sew it already!  This design is an interlocking, weaving design.  Ive already shown you how to design fact it is the design in the header picture on this page.  Ive just erased every other line to make the frame look like it is going over-under.  This can be quilted continuously in this half design border, IF you don’t change thread.  The sewing is at double speed.