Pantograph Quilting Services

I currently only offer pantograph quilting services. This type of quilting features a repeating design, quilted with one thread, across the surface of the quilt.  It is the ideal type of quilting for quilts designed for regular use.  I use a computer integrated system to quilt pantographs, resulting in beautiful consistency that allows me to complete your quilt in a timely fashion.  Because I use a computerized system for this type of quilting, the choices of pattens are limitless.  I own many patterns, but will purchase any suitable pattern you are interested in at no additional cost for your project.  Generally the turnaround time for a pantograph quilt is 2-3 weeks, unless I am traveling for teaching, or the machine is heavily involved in a custom quilt.  I will be able to give you an accurate time of delivery when you contact me.

In recent years, I have begun designing and selling my own pantograph designs, so, in many cases, one of my own designs might be appropriate for your quilt.

Buy Digital or Paper Patterns for your own studio here

Bethanne’s Originals


Pantograph quilting is charged at .02 cents per square inch.  The cost for quilting is the length x width x .02.  For example (your measurements will vary):

50 x 60 Lap quilt = $60

60 x 80 Twin Quilt = $96

80 x 95 Queen Quilt = $152

100 x 100 King Quilt = $200


I will use whatever batting you decide to provide, or you are welcome to purchase batting off the roll from me.  I stock my preferred batting, Hobbs 80/20 in both natural and bleached.  I like the Hobbs 80/20, which is a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, because it is fluffy enough to provide attractive stitch definition, light, breathable, and has an attractive appearance when washed.  Batting off the roll is .25 cents per linear inch.

Additional fees

There are additional fees, based on an hourly rate for seaming backing, ironing, excessive trimming of threads, repairs, and sales tax where applicable.  To avoid any additional fees please be sure your quilt is in ready to quilt condition.

Please email me to arange to drop off or mail your quilt.