Rulers and Marking Tools


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Introducing the Garden Lines ruler collection!  These rulers are made of high quality 1/4″ compressed cast light emitting acrylic and are designed for direct use on a longarm or domestic sewing machine with a ruler foot, or as a precision design tool when paired with a drawing wheel.  Laser inscribed lines are clearly visible on light and dark fabrics and will glow in low light situations with any side light.  They are a nearly clear pale green when viewed from above, but glow aquamarine when seen from the edge to prevent sneaky escapes and that ruler invisibility trick.

I am happy to ship internationally, but the shopping cart will not accept your order.  Shipping for a full set of rulers is your choice of $18/$25 Canada or $25/$35 Global.  The higher shipping is priority with insurance.  It is up to you, but I will not cover loss without insurance in case of non delivery. Send me an email and request an invoice, please.

Here is a a quick tutorial for using the Lily Lines French curves with basic design ideas (more advanced will be added soon on the “Video page” on the menu bar at the top of the page)

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