Breaking Boundaries with Blended Quilts 24 hour class


Break the boundaries of traditional quilting with an introduction to improvisational piecing and a deep dive into new and creative background textures over an immersive 4 month experience.  Own the class recordings forever and enjoy 4 months of 1:1 interaction with Bethanne in a private Facebook group.  Instructions and demonstrations will be done on BOTH domestic and Longarm sewing machines.

Class includes an incredible product bag of PDF download handouts and patterns for 4 sample quilts and 90+ blended quilt textures, vintage Japanese shibori fabric, custom woven silk dupioni fabric, wooden appliqué sticks, appliqué foundation paper, AND a 20% one time shop discount code for books and rulers.

Immediate free GLOBAL shipping for class kits, which are NOT required to start class on time, should that be an issue. Live class times are on Saturdays at 1pm US Eastern time, but classes may be viewed at any time, FOREVER for global participation. Please see the many details and reviews below.

Student Ambassador contacts available on request if you would like a detailed student perspective.

Please choose a color kit from the dropdown menu.  All vintage shibori fabrics are beautiful, and in the end, using them is completely optional. Scroll down to see images of the kit colors in the long description. Stock levels reflect availability.



This exciting quilting class breaks all boundaries!

Improvisational piecing and free-cut curves are introduced with four exciting projects, each designed to progressively build your confidence.  Then, go ahead and bust more boundaries by breaking free of “classic quilted backgrounds” and the bossiness of the quilt block.  Learn 90+ fresh backgrounds, bridge elements and transitions with Bethanne’s creative Blended Quilt Texture techniques and designs.  By mixing and matching, create quite literally hundreds of unique textures.

What will class look like?

Students will have the unmatched experience of more than 24 hours of instruction presented in both pre-recorded and live classes with additional live question and answer sessions.  Classes can be watched live, or on your own time, and you will own them FOREVER.  For the full 4 ½ months of class, students with have a 1:1 supportive experience with Bethanne in a dedicated Facebook group where the education builds further with each student sample, allowing for students to learn from feedback and each other.

Work from home in the comfort of your own studio with either your sit down or longarm quilting machine.  All class material will be demonstrated with both styles of quilting using state of the art photography, sound, and lighting with a professional streaming platform capable of switching views and cameras instantly. Students are encouraged to be knowledgeable free-motion machine quilters who feel comfortable with the idea of some backtracking.

The Facebook group is organized as a social learning group, so all educational material is clearly organized in a special folder with a clear outline. Every educational post is carefully sorted into this outline, which makes access to class material instantaneous with no need to scroll or wonder if you missed something.  All videos will also be hosted on Bethanne’s platform, which you will be enrolled!  Here, classes are edited into even smaller, easy to watch components of 10- 20 minutes, and your access to these videos lasts a lifetime even after the Facebook group class ends.

Class Content…

Purchase- start of class: Enjoy the prerecorded  3 hour Improvisational Piecing Retreat and machine applique class with 4 finished projects.

Saturday, July 24, 1pm – 3pm: Class opens with live review of improvisational piecing techniques, machine applique, and question and answer session.  Active feedback on class material begins.

Saturday, July 31, 1pm – 3pm: Textures, Class 1: Bridge Elements…useful connectors

Sunday, August 15, 1pm – 3pm: Textures, Class 2: Encircle Me…enclosed elements

Saturday, August 21, 1pm – 3pm: Textures, Class 3: Wave Me Down…creating movement

Saturday, August 28, 1pm – 3pm: Textures, Class 4: Clamming UP…stacked elements

Saturday, September 4, 1pm – 3pm: Textures, Class 5: Fan-Tastic… fans and fantasy elements

Saturday, September 11, 1pm – 3pm: Textures, Class 6: Down The Line…linear and grid based elements

Saturday, September 25, 1pm – 3pm: Designing with Blended Quilt Textures… design with the whole quilt in mind to create movement, flow, and elicit emotion

Saturday, October 23, 2 hr TBD: Live Question and Answer class

Saturday, November 13, 2 hr TBD: Live Question and Answer class

And the Goodies!…

Each student globally will be mailed a kit (at no additional cost) containing their choice of vintage Japanese shibori silk, reclaimed from traditional textiles, 2 pieces of vivid silk dupioni, wooden applique sticks, and fusible applique paper. More than 50 pages of class handouts and patterns will be printed at home via PDF download, released with each class unit

What have Previous Students had to say?

Student Ambassadors from previous long term classes, like the 15 hour Freehand Feather Fiesta, have provided an approved email contact on request, If you would like to speak with a previous student, please contact me and request one.
Faith McLeod…”Bethanne is a master of the technology she uses, and it makes it easy to forget that you are not sitting in the room with her. Not a single question asked goes without an answer, and she monitors the Facebook group constantly, so if you are stuck it won’t be for very long! I am very thankful I took the plunge. I rate this experience 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Ticia Wicks…”This has been a fantastic class.  One of the best features of the class is the time to practice, absorb and review each class before the next session.  Each class builds on the one before and my ability and confidence have built along with it.  I would highly recommend  any class with Bethanne.”
Martha Doming….”I had the opportunity to take Bethanne’s Feather Fiesta class on line in the fall of 2020. After taking a class in person you have your notes and samples. Here, you can watch the classes whenever it fits into your schedule plus you can rewatch the videos many times. Bethanne really wants to make certain each student understands every step in the learning process. She is extremely patient in answering all questions plus gives constructive feedback to all pictorial posts. This class has been a game changer in my quilting experience. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to up their feather quilting skills.”
Jane Francescon...When taking a class from Bethanne you not only receive a thorough education in the subject at hand but in depth techniques to assist your overall quilting experience. I highly recommend her workshops & classes no matter what your skill level.  I am new to free motion quilting & I can’t thank her enough for what I’ve learned. She is an awesome teacher!

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Aloe, Black, Blue Green Mix, Blue White, Dark Orange, Dark Red Diamond, Green Brown, Lime with Green Dot, Lime with Orange Dot, Navy with Green, Pink, Plum, Red with Black Dot, Red, Rose Yellow, Sage Pine, Seaweed, Sunset Orange