The Devil Is In The Details: The Art of Fine Finishing Touches


In this book you will not only learn Bethanne’s original intricate beaded piping and beaded knife edge finishes that earn Bethanne’s show quilts consistent praise, but 11 others as well.  This book isn’t just of those interested in wowing judges on the show floor, it is for anyone interested in taking their projects to the next level and adding a fine finishing touch. These details are used by Bethanne’s students on quilts, accessories, and garments…the only limit is your imagination. The book features 49 pages with color plates of easy to follow, step by step photography and directions.

Please be aware this is the original book for Bethanne’s elaborate edge finishes.  Since the publication of this book, the DVD and online class “All the Devilish Details” has become available with additional edge finishes and more advanced finishes.  Finishes like scalloped gradation beads, split binding, elaborate cording with self facing, single bead accents, and advanced prairie points can all be found in the class material for the online/dvd class and are not published elsewhere.



Learn Bethanne’s signature beaded piping as well as 12 other specialty finishing treatments for all your special projects. Take your quilts to the next level with fine finish details.

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