Freehand Feather Fiesta! 13 hour online class


Experience the deepest dive into Freehand Feather Quilting available with Masterpiece Quilter, Bethanne Nemesh.  13 hours of live classroom online instruction, week by week homework, and daily interaction with Bethanne over the 8 weeks of class.  In addition, have full access to all class materials for an additional 9 weeks with ongoing quilting support and feedback from Bethanne in this private Facebook Group class. Instructions and demonstrations will be done on BOTH domestic and Longarm sewing machines.

Class includes an incredible product bag of a bound 40 page printed handout booklet, your choice of a pre-finished black with colorful flower machine appliqué panel or a printed blue and white Paisley Garden panel for ‘Nemeshing’ practice, a 20% one time shop discount code for books and rulers, the bird on a wire pattern WITH custom dyed 1/2 yard blue fabric.

Free GLOBAL Shipping in mid September for class kits, which are NOT required to start class on time.  Late student signups will be accommodated with downloadable PDF class handouts.



Facebook Live full access 3 month class

October 3 – November 21, 2020 weekly class with feedback until January 1, 2021

The deepest dive into Freehand Feather quilting available.  Freehand Quilting is my thing…and I love to share it.  The frustrating thing about traditional classes is the limits of time and attention!  In this new 13 hour class I will be able to work with my students over THREE FULL MONTHS.  Presented over 8 weeks of an exclusive, private membership, Facebook live format, students can participate live, or watch broadcasts later.  Each week will include a drawing and demonstration class followed by quilting homework and individualized feedback.  The class community will share their progress and their triumphs of quilting mastery!  Work from the comfort of home on your own domestic or longarm sewing machine at your own pace.

Students will have full access to all 12+ hours of class time, follow up feedback, extra tips and tricks, extra broadcasts for clarification if they become necessary, and basically have me on Facebook quilting speed-dial for an entire 3 months.  Watch and participate as much as you like within the class period! The class broadcast times will vary throughout the 7 weeks to allow global student daytime weekend access to live broadcasts. 

Freehand Feather Fiesta is a carefully planned, progressive learning program designed to teach you mastery of feather quilting and learn to manipulate the muscle memory of classic feathers into endless variations, including glorious floral displays.  (yes, believe it or not…they are still ‘feathers’).

Class Content…

Week 1 and 2: Formal and Fancy Feathers…Creating, bending, twirling, twisting heirloom feathers (3 total hours) 10/3 @ 1 pm eastern and 10/11 @ 1pm eastern

Week 3: Feather Faster…Learn spineless feather quilting for faster feather work (2 hours) 10/17 @ 7pm eastern

Week 4 and 5: From Fast to Fancy…Learn over 80 non-backtrack feather variations for extreme feather fun (3 total hours) 10/24 @ 1pm eastern and 10/31 @ 7pm eastern (yes…you should dress up)

Week 6 and 7: Freehand Florals…manipulate the feather thread path and learn to quilt amazing floral variations with no marking and no drawing skills (3 total hours) 11/7 @ 1pm eastern and 11/15 @ 1pm eastern

Week 8: Nemeshing…My personal handwriting feather backfill variation for heirloom work (2 hours) 11/21 @ 1pm eastern

And there are goodies…

In addition, each student (globally) will be mailed a bound 40 page handout, An appliqué panel of their choice to practice ‘Nemeshing’ on, The Bird on a Wire pattern with a unique custom dyed half yard of mottled blue sky fabric,  and a one time 20% shop discount off of any of my rulers or books.

Enhance your Class Experience with an optional quilt

I am excited to partner with Honest Fabrics in creating these printed quilt panels, available in 9 settings and up to 22 colors.  You can choose your own size and enjoy the fun of having a beautiful quilt with ample quilting space, ready to practice your new feathering skills immediately.  Please visit Honest Fabrics for purchase and allow 2-3 weeks for custom print delivery.

This is a limited access class. Class access will be archived at 12:01 am January 1, 2021

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