The 6 Piece Garden Lines Collection


The ultimate set in precision quilting. The Lily Lines French Curves feature fine alignment lines on all 7 curve edges and pinhole rotation marks for perfect frames, rotating block designs, and feather spines.  The Lavender, Lilac and Garden Lines stitch in the ditch rulers feature 1/8″ line work precision on all their main sides.  Lilac and Lavender rulers offer matched inside/outside curves, 1″ half circle, continuous curve, and “S” curve edges.  Lotus Lines has all the right curves for appliqué work. Transparent pale green 1/4″ cast acrylic with glowing edges for excellent visibility on all fabric colors. A set of three brightly colored drawing wheels are included with this set for accurate drawing both on, and off the quilt, with a drawn line that duplicates the finished sewing line. Bundled for price point savings.

Please Note: the 6 piece ruler collection underwent a change on July 30,2019.  Lavender Lines 2 ruler was removed and Lilac Lines is replacing it.  If you placed an order prior to July 30, your set will not include Lilac Lines, and you may wish to order that ruler separately.





Own all the Favorite rulers in the Garden Lines quilting ruler collection, including a set of three vivid purple drawing wheels.  Made of 1/4″ compressed light emitting acrylic, the rulers are a pale green from above, but glow a beautiful aquamarine from the edge.  Even the fine engraved lines glow in crosslight for excellent visibility on both light and dark fabrics. This set is the ultimate in precision with 1/8″ echo lines and fine registration marks on all edges.  Achieve endless French curve creativity with the Lily Lines 1 and 2 set, flipping and rotating precision alignment lines for perfect frames, block designs, and feather spines.  Master all straight and curved cross hatching with the Garden Lines 9″ stitch in the ditch ruler and the palm sized Lilac/Lavender Lines set. Explore the short sides of the Lilac/Lavender duo for adaptable continuous curves, “S” curves, and half circle grid work.  Finally, Lotus Lines appliqué aid with all the right ins and outs, needle entrapment, and multi-functional edges.

If you would like every ruler that White Arbor has to offer at the best price, add the Lily Lines 3 and Long Lily set, as well as the Arbor Lines curved arc rulers to your cart along with the 6 rulers in the Garden Lines collection.

Visit the Garden Lines Video page for free video tutorials using all the rulers! :

Be sure to download a idea PDF.

see the Compressed Light Emitting Acrylic in action:

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 1.5 in

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