Heron Limited Edition Needle Case Kit


Surprise a friend or level up your sewing kit!  Bethanne’s award winning yarn couching quilt, Solitaire is featured on a small tin of wintergreen mints, with included supplies to craft the perfect needle kit.


A perfect wee gift!  Bethanne’s unique Heron yarn couching art quilt, Solitaire is featured as a high quality print on a small tin filled with wintergreen mints.  Enjoy the mints, and keep the tin for a lovely craft!  Tin measures 2.5 x 2″ and is only available in limited numbers, not to be reprinted.  The kit includes the easy button of crafting…accordion folded acid free cut-to-fit card stock, three felt pages, ribbon, buttons, and several botanical stickers featuring a grab bag of flowers, butterflies, and birds.  Use your creativity and create a one of a kind needle case for travel.

Bethanne’s yarn couching art is completely unique in the quilt world today…using yarn couching to capture the natural world with lifelike texture.  Collect a small artwork for yourself!

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2 × .5 in