The French Connection 4 piece set with drawing wheels


All four beautiful Lily Lines rulers plus 3 drawing wheels bundled for savings!  With these French curve quilting rulers in your collection, you will never again search for the perfect curve for high precision stitching.


Having all four French curve rulers means all your precision curve issues are solved!  Lily 1 and 2 are the originals, featuring 7 gentle curves with precision alignment lines.  Lily 1 is the ideal double curve for larger border quilting, easily creating feather curl spines for borders bigger than 6″ wide.  Lily 2 is a star with two reversing S curves to create single feather loops attached to graceful lotus petal curved lines.  Lily 3 joins the party with three full S curve sides topped with three different diameter “puff heads”, to help with the perfect repeatable curving curls.  Long Lily is the answer to “what now?” in the outer reaches of big blocks like mandala designs and the longer swooping curves we enjoy in borders.

Included with this set is 3 drawing wheels which are the perfect assist if your prefer to pre-draw your designs. By using the spacer wheel, your drawings and your quilting line up perfectly.

Please note, managing stock for ‘sets’ is a difficult thing.  If it seems I am “out of stock” when you order…chances are I just need to move a ruler from one pile to another, and your order will be filled lickety split…I’ll be sure to email you if there is an actual delay.

Additional information

Weight 44 oz
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 1.5 in