Love Lines Nested Heart Set NEW!


A sweet deal and a whole valentine’s worth of love from me to you all year long!  Bundled for savings with an organizational key chain of my best creative advice, the Love Lines 1,2, and 3 make perfect contemporary heart frames and gentle reflecting curve lines for all kinds of creativity.



Has good conversation ever been sweeter?  I’m here to tell you every time you use these rulers that you are “SEW GR8”, “UR 2 FAB”, “U GOT THIS”, “U RULE”, and I absolutely “LUV UR QUILT”!  Beyond that, my best advice is inscribed on the included organization ruler chain fob.  I encourage you every day not to squander your creative time on this planet and treat every project with the single minded focus of enhancing your creative life. “Make what you love and nothing else”.

When combined, the Love Lines rulers create three beautifully nested hearts with a contemporary flare.  Each asymmetrical frame swells to create a charming heart, but more importantly, gently masks any inconsistency in quilting.  Because they are deliberately asymmetrical, any small variations in quilting will go unnoticed, unlike a true nested echo shape, where our brains pick up on the slightest change in line thickness.  By using a contemporary paisley shape with a reflecting line, sewn hearts will have a sharp tip, unlike with other solid heart rulers.  And, the teardrop shape is multifunctional, unlike negative space heart rulers, who only have one trick.

The quilted hearts have a playful flare, reminiscent of the paper valentines we love to cut out.  The sewn hearts are 7 1/4″ high x 8″ wide, 5 1/4″ high x 6 1/2″ wide, and 4 1/4″ high x 5″ wide.

You aren’t limited to hearts though!  all the sides are beautiful flowing curves, ideal for all kinds of ruler work.  The ruler has a registration line at the apex of the teardrop curve to assist with accurate block work reflections of either the double S side or the gentle arc.  Inscribed lines mark the center horizontal alignment and vertical reflection line of the sewn heart shape, with a pin hole for pin point accuracy.  An adorable heart shape hang hole is the sprinkles on this sweet ruler!

Made of my studio’s signature 1/4″ compressed light emitting acrylic in a soft aquamarine color, the inscribed lines are vivid on any color fabric. Suitable for all longarm ruler work quilting and domestic machine ruler quilting with high shank – high wall ruler feet.

Enjoy a mini class on creating nested feathered hearts and paisley chain borders:


Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4.5 × 1 in