Garden Lines Stitch in the Ditch ruler


9″ x 3″ stitch in the ditch ruler with 1/8″ accuracy.  Placement tabs ensure a perfect in the ditch line with options to angle lines at 90,45, 60 and 30 degrees.  The pale green cast 1/4″ thick acrylic glows when viewed from the edge for excellent visibility on light and dark fabrics as well as in lower light.



This 1/4″ thick acrylic ruler is made of cast, compressed light emitting  acrylic.  It is a translucent pale, pale green that reads as clear from above, but glows a beautiful aquamarine from the edges and any laser inscribed line if viewed at an angle.  It is 9′ x 3″ with accurate 1/8″ measurements as well as alignment lines for 90, 45, 30, and 60 degrees.  Alignment SID tabs are also marked with 1/8″ measurements for perfect, stress free stitch in the ditch.  Simply put the edge of the tabs against the seam of the piecing and have perfect stitches in the ditch every time.

See the Compressed Light Emitting Acrylic in action:


Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × .5 in