“Sitting Pretty” Peacock Bench


This original yarn couching and quilting art piece bench is available for purchase and pickup from Allentown, Pa.  It was exhibited at two national exhibitions of Bethanne’s work.  It is 56 x 40 x 19″ and weighs 90 pounds.  It is suitable for light use or decorative use.  A video walk through is available upon request and satisfaction guaranteed upon pickup.

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The Peacock Bench is one of the more unusual art pieces I have created, and although I love it, I don’t have room for it in my home.  The reclaimed antique curved full sized headboard was re-envisioned as this lovely settee with pearl vinyl quilted Upholstry and a resplendent yarn couching peacock with crystal accents.  Exhibited in both of Bethanne’s art retrospectives at both Quilt Odyssey 2018 and AQS Lancaster 2019, this bench was a featured attraction.

While functional, it is designed more as a decorative and light use item.  Both sides of the bench are absolutely beautiful.  The front with the peacock, and the back features a painted spray of color similar to a peacock tail, covered in epoxy  and embellished with butterflies.  The wood trim is lightly distressed black over a green base, so that the green lightly shows in some areas.

Please contact me with any interest, or questions.  An SUV, or minivan with the rear seats down is necessary for safe transport. I am happy to participate in a live video walkthrough as well before or after purchase, with refunds happily offered if you are not satisfied.

Construction details available upon request: